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Counseling Survey
The New Castle Counseling department is applying for the Lilly Endowment's Comprehensive Counseling Initiative for Indiana K-12 students grant program.  The aim of the Counseling Initiative is to increase significantly the number of K - 12 students in Indiana who are emotionally healthy, realize academic success, and are career ready to compete and prosper in the global society in which they will live and work.  
As a part of our grant application we need to survey staff, parents and students to identify areas of need.  Please complete this survey by March 31, 2017.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated as we work to secure funds to enhance our current K - 12 counseling program.
We will be working with school administrators to have this completed with the students.  
Complete the survey by clicking the link below:

Students earn an Ivy Tech Associate's by taking NCHS classes!

"ACP" courses are via I.U. "Digital Citizenship" is via Vincennes Univ. All others are through Ivy Tech.

Course Title Instructor Course Title Instructor
English 111(composition) Hinsey Make >3 pts. on AP Chem test  results in 9 cr.** 
English 112 (exposition) Hinsey APHY 101 (Anatomy) Bertram
ACP Speech (Com 101) Delay APHY 102 (Anatomy) Bertram
Digi Citizen-Vincennes^ Baker Gens 279 (on-line) Ivy Tech
Math 135 (Finite) Maxwell A.P. Micro econ 201 Davis
Math 136 (college alg.) Maxwell A.P. Macro econ 202 Davis
A.P. Chemistry 101** Thompson A.P. Statistics 137 Maxwell
U.S. History 101 Thurston A.P. Psychology 101 Brown
U.S. History 102 Thurston A.P. English Lang. 202 Goggin
Spanish 201 (III) Sorrell A.P. English Lit. 206 Slagle
Spanish 202 (IV) Sorrell A.P. Physics 101 Norrick
ACP Gov't (POLS 103) Thurston  A.P. Calculus 211 Grimes 
Careers-Ivy Tech 111 Prater
A.P. Biology 101**
See your H.S. counselor!  ^transfers to I.T.      Make >3 pts on AP Bio test
 results in 9 cr.**


HOW to take 60 hours at NCHS to earn an Ivy Tech ASSOCIATE'S

Grade 10Ivy Tech 111 (3 hrs.) & Chemistry 101 (3 hrs.)

Grade 11: Eng. 111 (3 hrs.) &/or A.P. English-Lang. (3 hrs.)

          ACP Speech (3 hrs.); Math 135 (3 hrs.) & Math 136 (3 hrs.)

          *A.P. Chemistry (3) &/or Anatomy (3) &/or A.P. Biology (3 tot.)

          U.S. History 101/102 (6) & Spanish III/201 (3) & Digital Citizenship (3)

       *3 total hours from above science line. May need to take 1 summer class.

Grade 12^Math 123 &/or Math 200 (Stats) &/or Math 211 (Calculus) (3 total)

           ACP Gov't/POLS Y 103 (3); Macro Econ 201 (3) & Micro Econ 202 (3).

          A.P. Psychology/101 (3); Eng. 12H/112 (3) &/or A.P. English-Lit./206 (3)

        ^3 total hrs. from above math line. May need to take 1 summer class.

         *AP Chem. (3) &/or Anatomy (3) &/or AP Bio (3) &/or AP Physics (3)

          Spanish IV/202 (3 hrs.)*3 total hours from the above science line.

         Classes printed in lavendar color are required Ivy Tech foundation courses.

Must take both classes on each side of an "&". May take either class on each side of an "&/or".


Additional courses available through our NC Area Careers Center
Program Name College Course # Course Title Cr. Hrs.
Broadcasting Vincennes MDIA 120 Audio Production 3
Building Trades Ivy Tech CONT 101 Intro to Construction 3
Building Trades Ivy Tech BCOT 104 Floor & Wall Layout 3
Computer Opps Ivy Tech INFM 109 Informatics Fund.'s 3
Computer Opps Ivy Tech ITSP 135 Hard/software Support 3
Cosmetology Vincennes COSM 100/150 Cosmetology I & II 7
Cosmetology Vincennes COSM 200/250 Cosmetology III & IV 7
Culinary Arts Ivy Tech HOSP 101/102 Sanitation/Food Skills 5
Culinary Arts Ivy Tech HOSP 104/105 Nutrition/Into to Baking 6
Dental Careers Ivy Tech IVYT 101/HLHS 101 Seminar/Medical Term. 4
Early Childhood Ivy Tech ECED 101 Health/Safety/Nutrition 3
Ed. Professions Ivy Tech EDUC 101 Introduction to Teaching 3
EMT/Pub.Safety 1 year EMT cert.
Graphic Design 2 years Adobe Cert. Illustrator & InDesign
Health Careers Ivy Tech HLHS 100/107 Intro 2 Health Career/CNA 8
Health Careers Ivy Tech HLHS 101/111 Med.Term/Health.wellness 6
Adv.Manufacture Ivy Tech MPRO 100/106 CNC Intro/Workplace Safety 6
I.C.E. Ivy Tech IVYT 101 Workplace Experiences OSHA cert
Machine Trades Ivy Tech MTTC 101-103 Machining/Turning/Milling 9
Machine Trades Ivy Tech TTC 105/110 Abrasives/Truning/Milling 6
Strat.Marketing Ivy Tech BUSN101/MKTG101 Intro to Business/Mktgting 6
Pre-Engineering Ivy Tech DESN 101 Technical Graphics 3
Vet Science Vincennes HIMT 110 Medical Terminology 3
Welding Tech. Ivy Tech WELD.108/INDT114 Shielded Metal Arc Welding 6
Welding Tech. Ivy Tech WELD 207/208 Gas Metal/Tungsten Weld. 6
Early College Ivy Tech See Counselor for 8 other misc. credit classes 3-24


2016 Elementary & NCMS Feasibility Study

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