Principal, Kirk Amman

It is that time again. It is time to start a new school year. We sincerely hope that you feelwelcome, not only on the first day you walk through the doors, but everyday thereafter. Theadministration and all the teachers, feel that New Castle High School is a great place to get aquality education!

The staff, programs and technology at our high school are second to none. We believe that year inand year out our student body is as good, in all respects, as any in the state of Indiana. It is aproud tradition, and each of you are challenged to carry on that tradition.

We know that the majority of the students will come back to school with the attitude of wanting toget the most out of their school experience. Whether you choose a college bound track, avocational pursuit that will prepare you for employment after high school, or simply desire a qualityeducation and a high school diploma, New Castle High School is a great place to achieve any of the three. Our wish would be that each and every one of you makes learning a top priority. If you do this, it will open the door to many opportunities that you may take advantage of while at NCHS.

Again, in speaking for the entire staff, it is our sincere pleasure to extend this welcome to each one of you.


Principal, Kirk Amman

801 Parkview Drive,
New Castle, IN 47362
Phone: 765-593-6670
Fax: 765-593-6585

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801 Parkview Drive
New Castle, IN 47362
Phone: 765.593.6670
Fax: 765.593.6585

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