Acuity Assessments are integrated into our classrooms. Pre-built Acuity Predictive and Diagnostic Assessments give us valuable information about student progress relative to our state standards and state accountability exams.


mCLASS assessment products make it possible for teachers and coaches to perform assessments on handhelds and sync assessment results to the Web for reporting. Handheld assessments use research-proven measures to show student performance at key points throughout the year, to monitor progress as necessary, and to help teachers identify and monitor students’ specific learning needs.

mCLASS®:Reading 3D™ is an innovative approach to literacy for K-5 students that balances the assessment of Foundational Skills with Text, Reading and Comprehension (TRC) diagnostics, giving a complete picture of a student's reading development.

mCLASS:Math quickly and accurately tells teachers in grades K-3 what students know, how they know it, and what to do about it.