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Longterm Planning Task Force

Meeting Dates and Times

To prepare for the September 18th meeting, we will conduct a brief meeting with each sub committee on September 5th. Below are the sub committee times and locations.


Curriculum CommitteeSeptember 5 3:30pmM011

Organizational IssuesSeptember 54:00East Cafe of High School

FacilitiesSeptember 54:30East Cafe of High School

FinanceSeptember 55:00East Cafe of High School

EnrollmentSeptember 55:30East Cafe of High School

Tuesday September 18th 6:00 pm at NCMS Community Room – The entire task force and members of the community will meet as a whole group to discuss any follow up questions regarding the August 28th summaries.

Tuesday October 2nd 6:00 pm at NCMS Community Room – Members of committees will be reconfigured into 5 teams.

Tuesday October 23rd 6:00 pm at NCMS Community Room – A representative from each team will present information to the entire task force and members of the community to reflect that team’s ideas regarding the direction for the school district.

Tuesday November 13th 6:00 pm at NCMS Community Room – Dr. Eiler will facilitate this meeting with the entire task force and members of the community.  Dr. Eiler will guide the group into selecting 2 or 3 “best options”.

Tuesday December 4th 6:00 pm at NCMS Community Room – Dr. Eiler will again facilitate this meeting to guide the task force in finalizing and selecting the 2 or 3 “best options”.

****   Between December 4th and January, the task force will collect feedback from community members regarding the identified 2 or 3 “best options”.  The task force will then utilize the feedback collected from community members through discussion that will take place in a January task force meeting (date not yet determined). Community feedback will be utilized in an effort to modify, if necessary, any aspects of the 2 or 3 “best options”. 

Future meetings to take place during the 2018-2019 school year will be determined and announced.
It is anticipated that Tuesday's at 6:00 and 6:30 pm will continue to be utilized as meeting days/times. 

Demographic Study Presentation

Longterm Planning Taskforce Presentation

Longterm Planning Taskforce 4-12-2018 Presentation

Long Term Planning Task Force Presentation August 28, 2018

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