High Ability Identification

Focus on Excellence Identification Process



Step #1:

In May of each school year, all kindergarten teachers will administer the CogAT 7to all kindergarten students.  (HA staff will score and compile a list of identified students.)

Magnet grades 3-6 program:

Step #1:

Large pool determined by administering the CoGat 7 to ALL 2nd grade students. (ID team administers and tests scored by Riverside)

PLEASE NOTE:  Any 2nd grade teacher OR parent can nominate a child who they feel demonstrates high ability characteristics.  (For the years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, students identified by kindergarten or first grade teachers using the Kingore Observation Inventory will also be included in the large pool.)


Step #2:

Letters sent to all 2nd grade teachers to complete SIGS form (Scales for Identifying Gifted Students) .


Step #3:

Following the SIGS form being completed and the CoGat complete battery being administered, students’ scores will be ranked #1-40, etc.


Step #4:

Students with >85% on either the quantitative and/or verbal sub-tests of the CogAT will be included in the identification pool.

Students who score >90% on the SIGS will also be included in the identification pool.

Students will be ranked according to scores of the Quantatitve CogAT, Verbal CogAT, and the SIGS and invited to join the all day program at Wibur Wright. Students not joining the Wilbur Wright program will be cluster grouped in their home schools and provided differentiated instruction from classroom teachers.


Grade 6 MATH:

In the spring of each year, data coaches will administer the Orleans Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test to all 6th graders who scored Pass+ on their 5th grade ISTEP test.

HA staff will score and deliver information to NCMS for Algebra I participants for the following year. (Parent meeting will be held to explain expectations, consequences of acceleration, etc.)