Indoor Air Quality Coordinator


Grades K-2


Who should conduct lessons: Classroom teacher, school social worker, and/or technology staff member.
1. Watch McGruff's FauxPaw the Techno Cat video as a class and discuss.
2. Remind students that they should be with a parent or a trusted adult when using the Internet.
3. Discuss what "personal information" is with children (name, age, address, etc.) and why it is important NOT to give personal information out to strangers.
4. Use grades K-2 activities from NetSmartz . Watch the Know the Rules and Be Safer Online videos (both under 2 minutes each) and discuss as a class. These videos star NetSmartz characters Clicky, Nettie and Webster and have very catchy tunes! Download the Know the Rules Activity and Lesson Plan here. Download the Take a Friend Activity and Lesson Plan here. Download the Tell People "No" Activity and Lesson Plan here. Download the Tell a Trusted Adult Activity and Lesson Plan here.
5. Use any of the great CyberSmart lesson plans and activity worksheets found here.
6. Discuss basic copyright rules with students by visiting Cyberbee !

7. Send a note home to parents with tips and websites they might find helpful, including this one! There are some GREAT resources for parents listed to the left! Encourage parents to continue Internet Safety discussion at home to reinforce the lessons learned at school! Print and use Internet Safety and Real World Safety pledges (version for primary grades) from NetSmartz.

Grades 3-12

E-Rate Safety Video Resources
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E-Rate Online Safety Training Materials

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