The New Castle Community School Corporation provides the resources for current technological equipment, professional development and technical support for students, staff and community to improve achievement.  Technology is integrated as a natural part of the educational process in order to enhance learning in a changing global society.  As a continuing learning community,   Westwood focuses on a positive environment to encourage active involvement in the use of technology.  Equity of access, equipment and services for all stakeholders is imperative.


Westwood students have immediate access to the world’s information.  Hardware, software and other media align with the curriculum and building technology plans. Through technological tools, such as desktop computers, CD ROMs, Internet, laser disk players, DVD players, Quantum and Leap Pads and other communication programs rapidly changing information is available to our diverse school population. Learners have sufficient access to productivity tools, online services, media-based instructional materials and primary sources of data in order to enrich and extend the learning goals for our students. Full time access to technology allows learners to deepen their understanding of academic skills, advance their knowledge of the world around them, and learn new ways of thinking and understanding. With this on demand on time technology, students take on independent roles in learning, communication and acquiring life skills essential to future success. 


Technology-based instruction can be used to customize student learning and support the schools’ remediation plan. Technology is used regularly throughout the school day, across all subject areas, as needed to access information, communicate with others, and create project-based products. The use of technology supports students in achieving Indiana’s academic standards. Equity of access to technology is of paramount importance to New Castle Community School Corporation.


An addition to our technology capability is the Study Island Program. Students are encouraged to use the program during computer lab as well as those who have access to computers at home. Westwood classrooms all have big screen TV’s, ELMOS and Front Row Phonic ear devices to help reach our students in different ways. Westwood has recently included SMARTBOARDS in all classrooms and teachers have been trained on using them. WiFi is also available throughout our school so teachers and students can access the internet and better use our net books.  


For more information about technology in the New Castle Community School Corporation, please check out the school district’s website at