Having good school attendance is a high priority in the New Castle Community Schools.  All students and parents are encouraged to study this policy and become familiar with its contents.  It reflects the importance the school corporation places on attendance and on students having responsible attitudes about being on time and in school every day.



  •  K through 6th grades – 17 DAYS absent or 10 days of tardiness
  • Attendance will be taken twice daily, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.



  • incapacitating physical illness
  • hospitalization
  • death in the immediate family (parent/guardian, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, husband, wife or child)
  • court subpoena
  • family emergency (subject to approval by building administrator or designee)
  • medical or dental appointment (statement must be presented upon return to school - see below)
  • major religious holidays
  • school sponsored activities (see below)




Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments for their children at times other than regular school hours, preferably after school or during vacation time.  If it is necessary to schedule the appointment during school time, the absence will be excused if the student brings a statement from the medical provider to school upon his/her return.



Students who are absent will be required to make up work missed in each class.  Upon return, one day for each day absent (up to three days) will be allowed to complete make-up work (except as hereinafter provided). Only in extreme cases of prolonged absence will more than three days be allowed for work to be made up.  It is the student’s sole responsibility to obtain all make-up work from the teacher.  Work missed due to an unexcused absence or a suspension will be made up, if the building has a Saturday program, on a day and in a place designated by the building policy.  If the building has no Saturday program, the work shall be made up as above provided.



If an absence occurs for any reason (except emergencies) a parent/guardian must contact the school by phone or note before 4:00 p.m. on the day following each day of absence or the absence will be recorded as unexcused.



 Perfect attendance award – Given to those students who are in attendance every minute of every instructional day.



The student has the responsibility to do the required make-up work for the classes missed due to school sponsored activities.  Absences such as serving as a page in the General Assembly or working at the polls during an election will not count against the student’s attendance record (in order to work at the polls, a student must present a form to the Attendance Office signed by the candidate prior to the day of the election).



 Excused        Telephone contact or written note must be made to school by parent/guardian if      

                      the absence is one of the reasons previously listed.     

                        Family Vacations & Trips With An Educational Value (if the following steps are taken, the absence will be excused).

  1. The school must be notified three (3) school days prior to the absence by the parent/guardian.
  2. The student must pick up an approval form from the office by which to notify his/her teachers.
  3. When the trip is approved, the absences should not cause the student to exceed the maximum as indicated below.
  4. Homework and assignments must be turned in before leaving for vacation or trip.  The proposed absence is not to exceed five (5) school days.
  5. The student and teacher will discuss any tests that would be missed and when they can be made up.
  6. If the absence is a family vacation, the student must be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian.

Unexcused   The absence is not one listed above and/or no call is made to the school.

Truant            Parent/guardian is unaware of the student’s absence.

Suspension  Legally separated from school for one to five days.  Credit can be granted for make-up work if completed as hereinafter provided.



Attendance Due Process: The parents of any student who has reached the above absence/tardiness level or has failed to complete required make-up work will be informed that the Attendance Review Committee (A.R.C.) shall be convened to determine appropriate action.  (A 504 screening will be part of the A.R.C. process).

Administration discretion will be used to implement the ARC at any time on a case by case basis per absences each nine weeks.

There is also administration discretion to make family referrals to DCS (Department of Child Services) for excessive tardies.

Attendance monitoring and implementation of the ARC will be based on days enrolled in New Castle Schools.

The Attendance Review Committee (A.R.C.): How It Works

  1. The A.R.C. shall consist of three members: (1) building administrator or his/her designee, (2) guidance counselor, where applicable, or in grades K-6, the student’s classroom teacher and (3) a teacher appointed by the building administrator.
  2. During the meeting, the student and his/her parent or guardian should provide to the A.R.C. any medical slips, documentation, etc. that would explain the excessive absences.
  3. The student will be notified within 24 hours of the meeting of the decision of the A.R.C.  The possibilities are:
  4. remain in school with no penalty
  5. remain in school with an attendance contract
  6. suspension/expulsion for that semester
  7. non-promotion to the next grade


In the Event of Non-Promotion

  • The building administrator will notify the superintendent of his/her intent not to promote the child to the next grade.
  • The parent/guardian will be notified by certified mail of the non-promotion.
  • The parent/guardian will have 10 calendar days from the decision of the A.R.C. to request a hearing before the superintendent or his designee.
  • A hearing will be scheduled as soon as possible by the superintendent or his designee on a mutually agreed upon date.


If non-promotion is upheld; the parent/guardian can appeal in writing the superintendent’s/designee’s decision to the school board.