Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
Education at Wilbur Wright Elementary School is designed to meet the needs of each individual
student. Our school’s mission as written in our Performance Based Accreditation Plan states:

Wilbur Wright Elementary School provides for the individual needs of
each child. Students develop a love of learning, a positive self-image,
and a realization of their full potential.

Ultimately, each student will gain from school according to the effort he/she applies. To increase
the degree of educational success, it is very important that teachers, parents, and administrators
communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of students.

We all want the best for your children, but we are not enough. You, the parents, must play a key
role in the education of your children. Your words of encouragement, a hug when the day has
been rough, your interest in your children’s work, and your presence at school are vital!

Parents count! Come to school, meet us, talk to us, join the P.T.O. and volunteer your time and
energy. Your involvement will show your children that you value their education. Let’s work

Very sincerely,
Tony Personett, Principal

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